Ranking Chart

Based on the number of times the player has been searched for by other players.

Based on the number of hours played per day.

is based on the TOTAL number of hours of the player's most played game.

[none] Casual Noob
Rising Dedicated Novice
Notable Serious Gamer
Celebrity Competitive Veteran
Professional Elite

When the Steam account was created.

Purchase 100+ games

Have 50+ friends.

Steam account is set to "private", which hides some of the player's information.

Disposable Account
Account is less than 1 year old and has 5 or less games. "Disposable" just means the user has not invested much time or money in the account. In addition to other signs, this can be an indicator that the player is not legitimate. But by itself it means nothing.

Account is less than 1 year old and has been checked by multiple players.

Banned by Valve's VAC system.

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Batch Search

Check all of the players in your current server!

Watch the Video Tutorial or
  1. Open console in game and type 'status'
  2. Paste output into this form and submit
  3. Click extracted Steam IDs to search!

User Guide

Find a Steam ID

Every registered user on Steam has a unique SteamID permanently connected to their account. This ID is meant to be public and is also used by various gaming leagues such as ESEA and ESL to track their members. The easiest way to find someone's SteamID is to copy their profile URL and use a Steam ID finder like SteamRank.com. View a tutorial on how to find a Steam ID in 20 seconds.

Check for VAC Bans

VAC is Steam's anti-cheat system. If a SteamID has VAC bans that means the player was caught using a cheat of some sort. For example, if a player receives a VAC ban for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they will no longer be able to play that game on official Valve servers. A VAC ban does not, however, block all the games on a player's account. SteamRank.com can check if a Steam ID has VAC bans, ESEA bans or ESL bans. The VAC bans are pulled directly from Steam's database in real time. So the results are always up to date.

Steam ID Age

Having a new account can sometimes be an indicator that a person is cheating (when considered with other evidence). This is because cheaters are often caught by either VAC or another anti-cheat. This forces them to use throw-away accounts. To hide that they have a new account, these players can set their profile to private, which hides the date the account was created. SteamRank.com can estimate the age of a private account based on the Steam ID. This is because Steam IDs are distributed in numerical order. The greater the Steam ID the newer it is. By comparing private Steam IDs to public ones, SteamRank.com can calculate the age of a Steam ID.

Steam ID Converter

SteamRank.com can be used as a Steam ID converter. There are several Steam ID formats you can use to search. The results will display the 64bit Steam ID (also known as a Steam Community ID), the 32bit Steam ID, and a link to the player's Steam Profile page (if you click their profile name or picture at the top of the search).

Steam ID Batch Search

Batch mode allows a player to check all of the players/Steam IDs in their current match. By opening the steam console and typing "status" a user can copy all of the Steam IDs connected to the server. These can be pasted into the batch search which will extract the Steam IDs and check them for VAC bans, ESEA accounts, etc.

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